Almost ready for maiden - but gyro stabilization feels reversed and throttle is too sensitive

I am getting to have a maiden flight, but have reservations about the feel of the quad while running it up. I appreciate advice you can give me regarding these two issues:

Issue #1 - Stabilization: After arming the quad in stabilize mode and the motors start spinning, I carefully pick it up. Then I advance the throttle to about one-half. Right roll and left stick makes the quad roll right and left as expected as does pitch forward and back. However, if I start at level and with my hand roll it right or left I do not sense any resistance or push-back or from the motors in an effort to level the craft. Sometimes it even feels like it pushes the wrong way! Is there a way to reverse the gyro correction?

Issue #2: Sensitive throttle: The throttle seems very sensitive as even the smallest movement up from the low position makes for quite a jump in the motor speed. Is there a way to put exponential or make the throttle change less sensitive to the stick movement?



Throttle Mid is learned after you take off. So before that if you have been playing with it the throttle Mid could be all messed up. So expect that it will act a little crazy at first.

The issue two is influenced a lot by the MOT_SPIN_ARMED and MOT_SPIN_MIN parameters. This is all related to esc calibration and radio calibration IF the parameters for MOT_PWM min and max are left at 0 (default).

Not sure what’s going on with issue 1. I suggest no props and maybe tape tabs to see the rpm effects of stabilize.

Thanks folks, I am satisfied with the throttle behavior now.

The quad is not stabilizing - with the props spinning it does not fight against changes in roll and pitch attitude - no rpm changes. Is this something I have turn on? The flight mode says “Stabilize.” I tried increasing roll/pitch P but it had not effect on this problem.

Any ideas?



Reset the PID’s back to default and if you are sure the motors are in the right order, the props turning the right way and you have done all mandatory calibrations, fly it.

Thanks folks for the help. I went back to square one and discovered I had all four ESCs plugged into the wrong ports. Sheesh. Anyway, after putting them right it felt better in run-ups and flew well.

I get this message in the notes though: Could this be a problem with my strange throttle beahvior?

“PreArm: Throttle below Failsafe”



I see no evidence of strange throttle behavior based on what you have reported. Drop the throttle to minimum and note the PWM value reported in Mission Planner. Set the throttle failsafe value to ~10 bellow this.

I had a very sensitive throttle too and I solved the problem by setting MOT_THST_EXPO and MOT_THST_HOVER to 0