Almost crash because GPS Glitch with 200kmh speed error

I almost crash becayse a GPS Glitch. Here is the flight:

Why I lost control?Can I avoid this behavor when a GPS glitch occurs?

PS: Logs below, and in droneshare

Could you describe the experience ? What happened, what did you try to do to recover ?

Looks like you were trying to fly in Loiter but because your HDOP was consistantly going over 2.00 your GPS failsafe was kicking in and putting you in AltHold instead, something it is set up to do according to your parameters.

Apart from that what was the problem?

first, thanks for the help everyone.

I will describe my experience. I started the flight in loiter(take off), after few minutes a GPS Glitch happens, the quadcopter started to go to its left in high speed, I tried to go back to the home waypoint in alt hold,but I just dont had any feedback of my commands, in some point I reached a very high speed(200kmh+), but after a lot of fight with the sticks I land after changed the mode to “Stabilize”(the quad was on top of a forest, I cannot land there). I know, i should do that at the begining, but I was hoping to get control again in loiter/althold. After change to “Stabilize” I had the a happy ending, but few days ago I have a similar crash, when it have a GPS glitch things just go crazy.

When a GPS Glitch occurs it is normal happen things like these? I was expecting be a little “crazy” when it changed to alt hold, but I just dont have control when it happens. I need to stay focus when gps glitch occurs. 3 seconds is enough to lost control of situation, I need to change the mode fast to stabilized. It happens all my missions, so its impossible complete a auto mission.

What makes you think you reached speeds of over 200km/hr?

Your logs do say that for a very brief instant you were travelling at 183kph. BUT, that speed is taken from your GPS which was glitching, loosing lock and at the same time you were at 183kph you were also 165mtr below ground level so I’d ignore that reading. I doubt you were doing much more than 25kph on average.

A quad in AltHold (that is setup properly) will pretty much just sit there and hover but any wind will carry the quad along with it.

How does the quad fly in stabilise mode? is the centre of gravity set properly? Where is the GPS module mounted, any pictures of the setup?