Allowed baud rates for Pixhawk UART for serial connections

I noticed that u-blox is recommending setting the baud rate of the GPS connections to 460,800 to allow the moving baseline solution to work. In my case, my base RTK is on the ground/sea vehicle not on the copter so I’d like to set the baud rate to 460,800 for the telemetry connection as well. (Assume that the radio or communication path allows 460,800). 460 is not currently on the list of allowed baud rates for the serial connections outside the USB connection. Does anybody know if I can just add that to the lookup list for baud rates or are only certain rates allowed by the Pixhawk UARTs? (I’ll go ahead and make the firmware change, but didn’t want to spend time debugging if its not allowed to start with.)

460 is not on GCS list but it is in the code

Did you tried it?

Based on a comment from @tridge, I just specified the full baud rate of 460800. (I don’t remember if had tried 460.) I also updated the comments for the serial baud settings so that when I merge my GPS changes that they’ll be picked up eventually by the GCSes. I still had to merge in the latest Copter-4.0 changes to support 460800 for the GPS.