Allowable angle prior to arm/takeoff

Hi, Im sure ive seen it somewhere, but now, of course, cant find it … is there a way to set an ‘allowable angle’ prior to arming … so i dont have to set the quad on perfectly level ground before its happy … ?
cheers in advance

You don´t need to set it perfectly flat when taking off. The only thing is, it should be still (not moving at all) while powerup to calibrate the gyros (blue, red lights flashing). I have taken off with a tilt of about 10° without any issues as far as I can remember.

I’m not aware of such a restriction. You could probably set something up in LUA scripts.
Any angle should be fine as long as your props dont strike the ground during takeoff.

If non-level ground gives you an issue, then something else is wrong and you can share a log - set LOG_DISARMED,1 do a test then set LOG_DISARMED,0