All Servos Jitter

I have Pixhawk 2.4.8, FlySky i6x tx, FlySky ia10b rx and 915mhz telemetry.

When I start the system all my servos are jitter and I can’t find a solution to the problem.

Is the side-by-side telemetry antenna and receiving antennas a factor in this?

Anyone have any suggestions or ideas about this?

How are the servos powered?

What type of servos are they? How many servos?

If you use just one servo does it jitter?

Servo jitter can be caused by a number of things. I think the most common cause of jitter is not enough power. Sometimes a capacitor near the servo power supply will help with jitter. Having the servo lead loop around a ferrite ring can also help reduce jitter. Some airplanes include ferrite rings on long servo leads.

Another cause of servo jitter is worn out potentiometers. Small movements around the same position slowly wears away the conductive film in the potentiometer. Once this sort of jitter starts, it quickly gets worse since the jittering makes the film wear out even faster. Some servos have replaceable potentiometers but this isn’t very common.

My first guess would be an inadequate power supply is causing your problems.

I’d think you could test if the 915MHz telemetry is causing the jitter but removing it and seeing if the jitter stays the same.

Yes, I solved the problem. Thanks for your help!
I guess my problem was much different

How did you solve it?
Telling us might help others solve a similar problem.

I noticed a disconnection in the cables at a different place that feeds the system with energy. After I fixed that, the flickering did not happen.
I don’t have any problem now.
Actually, I can ask one more thing.
Autopilot gives itself a ‘Bad Gyro’ error.
but this is a boat that has been installed and used.
Why does it give this error?

I have used the boat many times after the first installation.
but yesterday it gave ‘Bad Gyro’ error.
Why do such errors occur and will I encounter these errors constantly?

Sorry I can’t help with your new question.
I’ve used lots of servos many times but I’m new to ArduPilot. Hopefully someone else will help. You should also try searching the forum and wiki for an answer. If you don’t find a good answer with a search and if no one replies here, you could ask the question again in a new thread on that particular topic.
When I typed “Bad Gyro” into the forum search it brought up a lot of forum posts on the topic.

Understood. I appreciate your effort to be helpful. Thanks :+1: