All servos except the rudder don't work outside of Manual mode

I’ve been working on setting up a plane of mine pretty much constantly for the past couple of days, I have all 5 servos hooked up and set to elevons, ailerons, and rudder as appropriate through APMPlanner2 and in manual mode using the controller functionality is perfect.

But as soon as I switch to stabilize, auto, FBW-A ETC everything except the rudder stops responding. The rudder on the other hand acts perfectly normally.

I’ve checked the documentation and the wiring again and again, at this point I’m thinking its some sort of software issue.

Ok So I figured this out, if you have the ‘elevon’ box checked on the APMPlanner screen where you calibrate your controller it disables all surfaces except the rudder in automated flight modes.

No idea why this happens, just uncheck the vaguely named box and they all work again.