All options to upload firmware greyed out in Mission Planner "install firmware" screen

On my Install Firmware screen, all of my options are “greyed out.” I cannot click on anything.

I can connect to the board just fine. It even shows “Found board…” at the bottom of the firmware screen, but I can’t click on anything.

I feel like I encountered this before and resolved it, and maybe it’s something simple, but evidently it’s not simple enough for me to remember it again now. thanks in advance

I do believe I sorted it out. It appears that an internet connection is required in order to enable the firmware loading screen–even if one is loading a local custom firmware file.

Can anyone confirm this is true? It correlated with the problem; not positive yet that it was causation.

Nop. Not the case with me. Even no internet firmware tab does not gray out.

Use the Install Firmware Legacy screen and select Load Custom Firmware.

To follow up, it is the case for my setup that I only have the option for installing firmware (locally or otherwise) when internet connected. Without connectivity, all options/capabilities are disabled (grayed out). Clearly that isn’t the case for everyone, but that’s the situation for me.

This is on a laptop with the WiFi radio turned off. You don’t see the “Load Custom Firmware” active as shown here?

That is correct; the “load custom firmware” option was not available without network access.