All motor did,t spin

after complete all setup, when i try to start my apm 2.8 quadcopter, all motor did’t spin.
all motor and esc are good, so plz guide me

When connected to Mission Planner what errors are produced when you attempt to arm it?

super important are the error codes displayed on your mission planner, you can also click on messages to see a clear list of errors that need attention, compass, motor layout, flightmodes, failsafe, channel trims ect are just a few things that will not allow you to arm if not completed.

all error are ok and all motor are spin but quadcopter did,t lift up when throttle is up.
apm 2.8 with flysky i6x and ia6b receiver and a version of 3.2.1
so plz guide me i am the newer

ok so start to apply the why at this point, go backwards until you clear the error to go forward. are you arming it? have you done a esc calibration? have you tested the order of your motors? have you calibrated your transmitter channels? do u have a arming button,? you have so many areas of potential error its crazy