All flight controllers are out of stock or overpriced

Hello everyone,

I’m looking for a FC to make a kayak tug boat (totally not inspired by Daniel Riley).

I already have everything I need except for the flight controller. I don’t need one that’s amazing in its performance, it only needs to run 2 ESCs, GPS, and telemetry (basic SiK Radio will do the job), and every flight controller I found is either not shipable to France, or out of stock, or overpriced.

I’ve thought of using a BeagleBone Green as I did on my first ArduPlane flying wing, but even BeagleBone Green costs more than twice the price I’ve payed it 2 years ago.

Does any of you know a good controller that is in stock and not so expensive ?


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For these “cheap” projects, we use the Matek boards

The F405 mini Te works perfect with ardupilot.

cost about 60-70€

Thank your for your quick reply!

I’ve only found the F405 mini Te on AliExpress for 69€, do you think it is safe to buy a flight controller from there ?

We usually buy these boards in our local resellers in spain. in aliexpress, i dont think you have any problem, only the shipping time about 2-3 weeks.

Ok thank you, I have no other choice than Aliexpress so I ordered on it. Have a nice day!

The omnibusf4pro is a good choice

I would be very careful. In the past (before chip shortage and EOL of MPU6000) is was a fine cheap and cheerful, highly integrated flight controller. Now you get many bad clones with different chips, which doesn’t work properly anymore.

If you have a some old ones, keep them. Buying them today I can’t recommend anymore.

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I have an Ori32 ESC that has performed well. Other than that I avoid anything from Airbot or called “Omnibus xxxxx”. Of course the alternatives cost more $$.

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I use these omnibus f4 pro boards without issue on my vtol and rover you just need to use the custom firmware builder to the features you need.

That’s really interesting, do you pick the BetaFlight or the INav one ? I dont think it changes anything but I prefer to ask just in case

Its just the stock firmware that comes with it. You flash it in dfu mode to change it to ardupilot anyway

A leftfield option is the mamba f405, very common and cheap FPV board that you can still pick up for £30-40, however you’re limited to 3 UARTs.

Currently I am also working on a rover project. The One I used is actually Pixhawk 2.4.8 from Radiolink, it’s a OEM copy but the quality from Radiolink is pretty good for a simple project like this. There are plenty of Pixhawk 2.4.8 OEM copy that cost half the price, but Radiolink is the better one. If you find the board too big, there is a Mini pixhawk as well. Available from Aliexpress. Fits the price and my budget. It cost around $120-$150 for a complete set with GPS.

Thank you!

I’ll check for a future purchase, thank you for the advice.

Unfortunately Pixhawk and even Pixhawk copy are too expensive for me :frowning: