Alexmos attitude (heading) not initialized to ArduCopter heading on startup - always assumes "north"

I’ve now have “point camera here” (lat/long/elev) working with my Alexmos gimbal.


When the Alexmos gimbal controller starts up, it always takes its initial heading as “north.”

So if I have the copter situated so that it’s facing “north” when the Alexmos gimbal controller starts up - all goes well. Any other orientation will produce erroneous results in the “point camera here” command by amount of the deviation from “north” at gimbal startup.

I’ve searched the Alexmos documentation and didn’t find a parameter I could set to fix this. And I’ve found nothing in the ArduCopter documentation in the Alexmos gimbal section that has a remedy.

Perhaps there is some sort of communication between the gimbal controller and ArduPilot that isn’t occurring that’s required to coordinate gimbal and copter heading.

Any helpful comments would be appreciated.