AIS external data on MP


I am working to integrate an AIS receiver (dAISy 2+) on a stationary GCS with MP. Because it is not prossibile to me to integrate directly the AIS receiver and the antenna on the UAV…

Is it possibile to read the data coming from the external AIS connected to the GCS and plot them on MP?

Thanks in advance


At the moment I don’t think that any of the ground stations can directly consume the AIS data from a dAISy receiver.

Mission Planner supports connecting to multiple UAVs at the same time though so you could connect a 2nd autopilot to the daisy and then connect it to the GCS via a USB cable.

In MP, the method to connect a 2nd UAV is to right-mouse-button click up near the Connect button and then select, “Connection Options” from the drop-down.

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Hi @rmackay9,

Big thanks for your reply, thanks for the advices. I will try to implement some of the strategies that you suggest. Thanks again

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