Airspeed sensor unhealthy

I have two of the 3DR Aero’s, which on boot are showing “Airspeed sensor unhealthy” in the message.


Is it likely that both would be bad? The pitot tubes on both planes have been covered and uncovered, with the same result. The location is the shop floor, with no wind.

Is there a solution or replace both airspeed sensors?


What version of firmware? There was a bug fund in the asynchronous calibration code that when run on startup would cause an insufficient number of samples to be collected to correctly calibrate. If you try and calibrate once booted you shouldn’t see any problems at that time. (This bug has been addressed in master)

@WickedShell V3.6.0.

Uploaded V3.5.3 and issue is not present.

And what are the steps to calibrate the air speed sensor once the pixhawk is booted?

Okay this is fixed in master, and will show up in the next released plane version.

To calibrate once the pixhawk is booted simply shield the airspeed from the wind (much as you would during the boot if thats your only calibration) and then select the PREFLIGHT_CALIBRATION action from the mission planner actions tab. More information is available here:

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Sweet! Will upgrade from v3.5.3 back to v3.6.0 and do the PREFLIGHT_CALIBRATION after boot to check. Thanks again!