Airspeed sensor selection help needed

Hi all,
I need to get airspeed sensor for my Mini Talon plane running arduplane on Chibios F4 or F7 board and need your expert advice in making selection.Options i am considering are:


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So MS4525DO is still the best and better than newer dlvr and sdp33?

please read this from Olli, very helpful (Differential Pressure Sensors part).

IMO the DLVR is the best sensor we currently support, however no one currently sells one on a breakout board (that I know of). I use it on custom PCB’s which doesn’t help the general public. You can also get the sensor with a protective coating from moisture inside of it which is nice.

MS4525 and 5525 are both sensitive to errors from direct sunlight, (you need to actually shield the sensor from any chance of sun hitting it, and I found that the sun was still penetrating paint + kevlar + foam + a 3D printed part that was ~3mm thick total, and I ended up having to use liquid tape on them to block the sun. I’ve also had problems with the 4525 failing badly after more then a year, and long term drift problems. The 5525 has been somewhat susceptible to 2.4GHz interference, but I’ve only had a couple of problems with that.

The SDP33 sensor driver is missing a number corrections for altitude, and the net effect is that if you are flying at higher altitudes they can produce very incorrect numbers. (It tried to crash the vehicle for me at 7,000 feet density altitude)

Disclaimer: I wrote the driver for the DLVR, and the driver currently is setup for a sensor that can’t register faster then 33 m/s, although making the driver handle faster ones would be easy. The lower max speed limit does give less noisy readings though if you are operating within that range.

Thanks wickedShell for the detailed info!!

Would it work if i get the sensor from digikey and solder wires directly to it including the decoupling cap at the power input of the sensor?I want to try DLVR.

Can i buy DLVR from you?

@ninja_zx11 Yeah that should work.

The boards I have it integrated into are not going to be helpful to you unfortunately.

Does this sensor perform okay below 0degC upto -10deg C?

I haven’t tested it much below 0C, but it operates down to -25C according to the datasheet. Commercial is only compensated to 0C, industrial is compensated to -20C.

That’s nice.Thanks.So industrial is the way to go if one is flying in close to Zero C temps. But i couldn’t find anywhere DLVR-L05D-E1BD-I-PI3F which is industrial and with moisture proof coating…:frowning: