AirSpeed (ms4525do) Sensor Data is not reading from GCS

Hi guys, I have an issue with air speed sensor, I read the documentation about the calibration, but in the fist , before the calibration, I don’t have any readings coming from MS4525DO, then I try to calibrate result is same.
I connect TELEM4/I2C port and I2Ca in HolyBro Durandal, but I cannot read any data. It show me always 0.0 m/s.
And ofcourse I read all the topics that opened here, but my problem was not solved that’s why I opened that issue.
here is my parameters:


Mission Planner shows me that issue when I try to calibrate:

I did this calibration in different flight modes also, and I changed many times parameters with different value, didn’t work.
Thanks in advance, I am new here.

I don’t know if this applies to your FC, but some boards don’t power the external ports when running of USB. Try powering the board with a battery.

ASPD_FBW_MIN, 5 looks pretty low for a plane with a top speed of 25. Are you sure about that number? If you set that value too low it could force the plane into a stall.

I didn’t adjust velocity parameters yet, because I didn’t see anyy value coming from sensor, if I can I will deal with these values… Thanks for the tip, I will try it right now.

I did what you said, but nothing change?
Is there any developer here to explain this error?

In durandal doc. page there is a paranthesis about pullup, I don’t know how to deal with that info, I open SERIAL5 port to use sensor as external, 34 mode (airspeed also tried 1 and 2 mavlinks) . Nothing changed in the o/p.

The original settings you described were for the I2C port. Serial 5 (or Serial 4 if you’re using the the Serial/IC2 port) should have nothing to do with it.

These sensors are pretty straight forward on I2C connections. How have you got it wired? Can you show some photos?

I set the parameters for serial 4 and 5 in different time, their mode was both mavlink and airspeed but nothing changed and my sensor’s SDA and SCL voltage level is showing me 0.16V when I measure it with straight multimeter, and its VCC and GND is ok.
Here is my connection ( GND-GND, VCC-VCC,SDA-SDA,SCL-SCL)
Because of GPS module mounted on controller, you won’t see I2C port labelled on it.

The problem could be the breadboard. Solder the wires one by one and test it.

Thanks for reply! I changed the sensor because it was not compatible with ardupilot, then I bought MatekSYS’ air speed, it works now.