Airspeed Calibration using RC Channel?


I was wondering whether its possible to start and stop airspeed calibration using an RC Channel like starting compass learn function present in RC Options.

I never change parameters in-flight so was wary regarding starting and stopping airspeed calibration using mission planner while flying.

Is it safe to start airspeed calibration via gcs in flight? And stop calibration in flight as well? With airspeed use set to 1?

It is safe if you want an excuse for a new plane :wink:

Learning zero airspeed is the main purpose of an airspeed sensor calibration (before takeoff).

Lol. Thanks. Although my question might not have been clear.

My intent was to ask about calculation of the airspeed ratio calibration in flight.

Hi, Sorry for misinterpreting your post.
Sure you can start and stop a airspeed ratio calibration while flying.

Regarding your concerns of PARAMETER changes in flight.
Any AUTOTUNE session or SERVO_AUTO_TRIM or TRIM_AUTO enabled changes parameters while flying.
For example a bad AUTOTUNE session can create more “brown pants” moments…

My suggestion: Before you try anything you are scared of or unsure with the results make sure you can fly the plane manually.
A plan B-option like a well trimmed plane flown by hand can save the day/plane.
Works for me.

Good luck!!

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Cool. Thanks for the help mate.

Its not that the plane cant be flown in manual mode. Its just that being a single operator, it can be overwhelming to leave the controller and go change the parameters by ones self. Thats why I was wondering if this function can be allocated to a channel perhaps. So that my eyes stay on the model to react to any situation.

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I know how you feel being single operator of GCS PC and RC radio as wel. It’s always good to have the radio TX in reach while fiddling the GCS. And be prepared to switch to the RC radio.

PS: If you get bored you can start multi vehicle operations. :wink:

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