Airspeed and groundspeed units?

Hi, in APMP2 I see airspeed and groundspeed in the Info View panel under the HUD. It shows these as type (float) - what units are these in reality? Metres/sec or kph or knotts? Anyone got a definitive answer?

2nd question - can we configure the units in APMP2?

you can get AirSpeed in m/s by selecting the ‘.’ period message and then airSpeed

if you select one of the ‘raw’ MAVLink message the units are whatever the message support i.e. for VFR_HUD it would be m/s see

There’s no way in magically pulling that from the [message definition] for MAVLink.

( file

Cheers for that Bill. Is there no way to get the displayed units to be km/h? Maybe alternative unit choice to be a future enhancement??

This is a quick fix I though of got the info view. The only challenge is that its not ubiquitous, so you would be in trouble of getting it wrong in widgets and entry points for speed.

Is this in the daily version of 20/11/16??

this one has the change in

Also not that it doesn’t preserve the order if you modify the element in the quick view ( i need to fix it, but the code is obscure)

you can reorder the elements once you have quit AP2 by looking in the ~/.config/org.ardupilot/APM Planner.ini file and reordering the entry index values. As an example

2\name=GCS Imperial.Alt REL (ft)
10\name=GCS Status.Voltage (V)
11\name=GCS Status.Yaw (deg)
12\name=GCS Status.Yaw (deg)
1\name=GCS Metric.Alt MSL (m)
3\name=GCS GPS.GPS HDOP ()
4\name=GCS GPS.GPS Sats (n)
5\name=GCS Status.Battery (%)
6\name=GCS Status.Climb (m/s)
7\name=GCS Status.Current (A)
8\name=GCS Status.Pitch (deg)
9\name=GCS Status.Roll (deg)