Airsim, setting.json, Mission Planner, Arducopter, Simulator

Who has successfully configured Mission Planner by SITL with Microsoft Airsim? The settings.json file is overwritten every time I open Microsoft Airsim and becomes empty, tell me what I am doing wrong? Its location is “Documents\AirSim\settings.json” I could not find another such file.
And another question, can I directly combine Airsim and Mission Planner, it is important to me to leave the display of information from the Mission Planner.
I want to run a simulation of the quadcopter in Mission Planner and visually observe what happens to my device and have joystick control in Mission Planner, can you advise something sensible on the example of Microsoft Airsim?
Please don’t judge strictly, this is my first topic/question, I am a newbie, I would welcome any advice/criticism.

Hi, a quick question. Were you able to connect sitl to airsim ? Im facing a similar kind of issue.