Airsim Copter Oscillations

I am using sitl drone and airsim as I need to do some image processing project through integrating Airsim, OpenCV and Dronekit. I was trying to first control the drone yaw myself using a joystick, which I managed to make via RC overrides (I totally understand it is not recommended, but it is working well with me. Also I tried without them and problem is the same)
I noticed that when I give input to rotate yaw, airsim copter rotates but does larger oscillations after it reaches the target then the case of using sitl alone without airsm using exactly same code and same joystick, just re-running the command of sitl in terminal is the difference

Why this can happen? and how to deal with that

Reduce the PID values. I had the same kind of issues and that helped. In my case I had to reduce the yaw P gain 8x. Check the ATC_YAW_* parameters

May you explain how to do so and where to edit?

Since I’m using the RC overrides, should I be interested in the yaw rate PID not the yaw angle PID?
originally, my problems were:
1- when I release the analog stick (rotating yaw by rc overrides), the vehicle still rotates. I solved this by making the timeout of the rc small enough (so it get my input with more frequent)
2- when I release the stick (after solving no.1), the yaw overs/under-shoots, and this is what I’m trying to do.
so it is now the angle PID to tune or the rate (since I’m using overrides which maps to how fast copter rotates)?