Airplane landed wrong place without any error meage


for some reason my plane landed in the middle of mission to somewhere , on error messages nothing

anyone can help me to understand what caused to this problem ?
I have attached log file analysis here

I’m going to assume your plane lost its motor power, causing a semi-stabilized stall down to the ground. Your pitch and roll control are great until 14:14. After that, the plane has a tough time keeping up, probably because of the low airspeed. Your GPS groundspeed is about 6m/s after that point, but your throttle is supposedly full. I’m going to guess that your motor came loose or your prop fell off during that last turn before the descent.

Actually propeller was on and motor works, after that i made an other sucessful flight just by changing the battery… Also i deactivated the airspeed. it flew with GPS fround speed

Your ESC may have activated low voltage protection

lst battery voltage level , just before to fall it was 11.2 V which was quite high.

It is pretty clear in the graphs, as @Naterater points out, you lost power, throttle to max, losing altitude, and pitch working to maintain attitude.
So it also looks like your minimum airspeed is a bit low as it does look like the FC was fighting a stall all the way down.
Lucky the roll control was able to prevent a spin.
Could your ESC have overheated?
Are you using bullet connectors to the motor?
It was a motor/esc failure.

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