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Airplane Crash ArduPlane 4.0.7

Hi everyone,

I need help!!! I have a fixed wing with Cube Orange and Here 2 GPS. I’m using 4.0.7 ArduPlane Firmware.

Last week I had a problem during the flight in which my airplane went out of control and fell to the ground. I still can’t understand what happened. Can someone help me what is wrong?

The flight plan, log and ArduPlane configuration are below:





I don’t see a smoking gun. Maybe someone else will have better luck.

The change where things went really bad seems pretty sudden. I wonder if something in the plane shifted and changed the C of G? Or if the C of G was correct to begin with? Was the plane too heavy?

There’s a lot of pitch oscillations after WP3, and the throttle is also oscillations to match, spending a lot of time above 80% during what looks like should be level flight. The plane seems like it’s struggling to maintain level flight.

Ultimately I think the plane suffered a series of stalls, but I’m not clear why. My gut feeling is C of G, but I’m open to other ideas.

Hi, Allister! Thanks for answering!

The plane weighs approximately 3.5 kg and has a wingspan of 1.95 cm. I have been using it for several years in mapping services. I thought it was strange because the same problem happened to another plane. Do you think it might have been wind shear ?

Wind shear? I can’t say. The high throttle settings and pitch oscillations are pointing to something on the plane. If it was wind or weather related then it would have been a nasty day for flying. Winds will change a lot between ground and 200m so maybe the plane was in conditions beyonds it’s limits? Perhaps turbulence caused the battery or something to shift in the plane and move the C of G. 3.5kg does sound heavy but not unreasonable for a 1.95m plane. But it wouldn’t take much to unbalance that. Sorry I have nothing definitive.

Everything was securely attached to the plane. I modeled 3D parts and still use extra security to avoid this. When I found the plane after it crashed, everything was still in place. Very strange that this happens. I thank you for your attention and attempt to help.

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