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I am looking at the Air Commander GEO Tagging device from Airpixel. Does anyone have any experinece using it. Sounds pretty good. I plan to use it on auto mapping missions on a quad plane with a Sony A6000 camera. I have a seagull and CamRemote, but interested in the AirCommander becuase it writes GEO info directly to the image EXIF data, which streamlines the work flow.

I am interested to read opinoins about it.

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Hello David - did you get any response to this query? I’m looking at adding a Sony RX0ii to my copter and using the Air Commander for camera control. I’d be interested in what you may have learned.

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Sorry for not noticing this post when it was originally made, but I’ve been using the Air Commander Entire (r3) for some time now.

To be specific, this is with a Sony a7R III camera.

It has its quirks, but once you get one dialed in it works well and is pretty reliable.
I’ve used it for flights capturing over 2000 images in one go, and most of the time it works well and tags all of them.

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I use a mostly PPK workflow now, so no longer need the AirPixel. They company was very responsive to multiple emails.

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