Aircraft motor rotating automatically


I was working on my Delta drone yesterday. Connected a Pixhawk Cube to it.

I was just testing the operation of the control surfaces. For that, I turned the AUTO Mode ON. Checked the Elevons, working fine. Both, Elevator and Ailerons. This is what happened, when the propeller was not mounted. When I mounted the propeller and turned the AUTO Mode ON, the Motor started rotating automatically. The throttle stick on the transmitter was at the lowest point along with the trim.

I did try reversing the servos. But, my servo settings were normal previously itself. So, came back to the previous settings.

Can anyone help me with this? There can be an issue of Auto navigation/ Auto Take-off. The reason behind I find it to be the issue, can be seen in the image that I have attached here.

Needs your suggestions and help.

Thank you for your help.

I can think of several problems that you might have.

If you have not armed the system, the propeller should not spin. Did you Arm the system?

If you did NOT arm the system, you may have connected to the wrong output channel, i.e. one that you did not configure as the propeller output. Can you share with us what channel you connected the ESC to, and how that channel is configured in ArduPlane?

This is happening after arming the system.

  1. Powered Autopilot and transmitter turned ON
  2. Arming done
  3. Checked Control surface operation in MANUAL MODE - OK
  4. Checked Motor operation in MANUAL MODE - OK
  5. Turned to Auto mode (1st time) - Control surfaces moving in reverse direction.
  6. Turned off.
  7. Reversed the required servos.
  8. Turned ON - In Auto mode - control surface check - OK
  9. Next Day - Turned ON. Checked operation in Manual mode - OK
  10. The moment I changed the mode to Auto mode - the motor started operating automatically at the lowest trim and throttle stick position.

Note that, in No. 5 and 8, the motor did not started automatically

I have done with ELEVON type setting in Transmitter.

Did you follow this procedure very carefully?

If NO, then re-start and follow it carefully.

If YES, then… how did you reverse your servos in step 7, above? Using elevons, it is easy to accidentally change the wrong thing.