Airbot Shop didn't send the FC I purchased!

Hi everyone;

Has anyone had any experience with the Airbot shop?

3 weeks ago I purchased an “Omnibus F4 Nano V6” from the link that the Ardupilot website provided in the “Hardware Options Page”, but I have never received the FC!
I sent them a few E-mails, but I didn’t get any response. Also most of the time their website is down (Error 404), and there is no customer service!

Any solution?

Screenshot 2021-06-30 101107

You’ve got to wonder when their customer service page is filled with latin garbage text over and over again.
And just to point out, myairbot, the Chinese shopfront, is not the same as Airbot Systems

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Actually, I’m wondering why Ardupilot redirects the people to that shop!

I have a couple of those FC’s with one still flying a Plane but I would suggest an alternative Flight Controller. Airbot is terrible with documentation and there are a few versions of those nano’s around each a bit different which has caused a lot of problems getting the firmware target right for each. They were only “good” when it was the only choice in a 20x20 with Ardupilot support.

Matek H743-Mini or Kakute F7 Mini V2 would be better choices. I have both, they are nice.

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