Airbot Omnibus Nano v6 and a TFMini Plus Lidar

I have everything set up, the tx and rx wires are going to rx3 and tx3 respectively and I have power coming from the onboard 5v bec.

I followed Ardupilots guide on setting this up, serial 3 instead of serial 4 of course. I can see that the laser inside is working, but I am not getting any indication that the lidar is working in Mission Planner. I have my rx and tx wires setup on a servo cable to switch back and forth and I dont get any sonarrange or rangefinder1 information under the ‘Status’ tab.

I’m following this guide here, does this firmware have lidar support?

Are you using the default HWDEF for the omnibus nano? Is the TFMini Plus serial? If so, the serial 3 tx rx pins are assigned to the compass by default, and are i2c.

Ah, maybe thats my problem. Its the uart version, not i2c and yes I have it in the tx3 rx3 pins. Do I need to convert it to i2c?

If you do not use BLHeli ESC telemetry, you can use RX4 for the TFmini.
RX4 is on the “4in1 ESC socket” or a solder pad close to the connector.
Make sure RX4 is not connected to the ESC.

Ardupilot doesn*t send any data to the TFmini.
So the TX wire from the Nano to RX of the TFmini is not needed.

Can I not use Rx3? Im not running a compass or gps, this is strictly for indoor use. I’ve updated serial 3 role in MP, but it doesn’t get data

Not as a serial port, it’s configured as an I2C port. You can use Rx/Tx 1 or if you don’t have GPS use 6. Or 4 as suggested.

When I go into mission planner, I don’t have a serial 6 to set… I have a wifi telemetry (tx1) onboard and this lidar.

What if I left it on Rx3 and followed this?

You linked to the Ardupilot setup for this FC so I assumed you would know that UART6 is Serial 3. You know, the one configured for GPS by default? Or 4 but that has been suggested twice now.

Ok, no I didn’t know that. I am looking at a pinout diagram but I didn’t know uart6 is serial 3. Ok, so I’m going to run just the tx cable from the tfmini to the rx pad for the GPS and configure serial 3 to be lidar…?

or what pad is serial 4?

Yes, you can do that or the Serial 4 connection is on the Motor Output connector labeled ESC Telemetry or something like that.

Ok I have the green wire from the tfmini (tx wire) to Rx6 on the omnibus nano. I have serial 3 set to 9 and set the connection speed. I also rngfind1_type set to 20. When I plug into MP, I get no sonar data.