Airbot Mini Carrier Board for Pixhawk 2.1 Cube

Hello everyone,

I am proud to introduce our newest project,
Airbot Systems has been passionate at understanding and simplify ways to use and install flight controller, and ensure redundancy and maximum reliability. Like many of you, I particularly like the pixhawk 2.1 Cube, that’s why we work with, and around this autopilot.

Initially, our goal was to create a smaller carrier board for our personal use, to save space and assembly time for the drones we manufacture for our customers. We changed our mind, and want to allow all people who wish, to use it for their own drones projects. This mini carrier board will comes with a mini power distribution board (with the same mounting holes pattern).

For these purpose, I would like to get your opinion on this mini carrier board (particularly in terms of connectivity), and also your suggests or ideas that could help to make it as optimized as possible to match to the uses of the largest kind of users. ex : The serial5 has not been routed, is this important or not for the biggest part of you ? (same for the ADC).


Below some pictures and a user guide that describe the mini carrier board technical informations:


Very nice! Thanks for sharing

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availability date? anything that reduces the weight and footprint is worth while!
…more than willing to beta test here if needed.
You mentioned SER5…but i don’t see it in the board pdf? YESY…the more ports the better!


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Very nice,I like a lot A serial 5 and 6 for me plenty to be doing next year and nead plenty of serial ports please,when will it be ready and how much please,thanks for sharing

Thank you very much for your messages !
@ptegler, yes, i mentioned the ser5 to tell that is missing ;-), like the ADC.
@MartyMcFly, serial6 ? Pixhawk 2.1 got 5 serials…

I’m planning to add the SER5 and the ADC on the next revision of the PCB. The SER5 will become usable like the 4 others, and not only for debug (thank to a futur ardupilot firmware update). I have enough space to do it in the layout but unfortunately i will have to put the connectors under the PCB, which will be less easy to access.

The mini carrier board is available since yesterday on our website (version 1.0 Beta) it is not a pure Beta because most of the functionalities has already been tested, and everything works fine.

I will add 3D, .DXF and PDF plans files (on the product page) to allow people doing the fastener with their 3D printer or CNC machine. We are also considering making fasteners for people who can not do it themself.

THANK YOU for your support and your comments !

& Merry Christmas !

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I no there is only 5 on the Pixhawk but it would be nice to have a 6th for adding opti flow/lidar etc,many thanks for your work