Airborne Antenna Tracker

I am trying to install an antenna tracker on a plane. Keep it aligned with the takeoff point. This combined with the ground tracker will give better results. I know that such a function can be done using a script, is it possible to add such a function to the firmware as well?

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you could probably use the gimbal output point of interest to keep it aimed

I mean set up two servos to control the gimbal to point to the target. The attitude of the aircraft itself plus the 3D relative position of the target point is required to calculate the output angle.

The camera gimbal code in ardupilot allows to select a point on the map as a target for the camera. Right click in Missionplanners map window and select “Point camera here”. If you put a directional antenna on a gimbal, it points the antenna at the ground tracker position, if you select it as a target. The gimbal will move to keep the target in “view” as far as its mechanical limits allow.


OK, it’s a good idea. does achieve the same