Airbopower all-in-one power board for Pixhawk

Hi Guys,

After a long out of stock period of time, a new batch of the best All-In-One power distribution board there is, Airbotpower, is available.

There are currently 45 units available so hurry up to get yours ! (by contacting me on this forum or via my web site

In brief this board powers with redundancy your autopilot, electronic & FPV equipment and measures current & voltage (fed back to your autopilot).

AirbotPower’s functionality:

• 2 x 5,3Volts power feeds up to 3.5 amps
• 1 x 12 Volts power feed up to 3.5 amps (requires >=4S batteries)
• Equivalent of three L/C filters on each power feed
• Equivalent of three ferrites on each power feed
• Voltage spikes suppression with 5.6V Zener diode (5Watts) + Capacitor on Pixhawk servo rail
• HALL EFFECT current measurement (ACS758) for currents to 150 amps
• A dip-switch configurable 3S to 8S Voltage measurement
• A primary DF13 6 position connector for direct plugging into Pixhawk power port
• A redundant 5.3V servo connector for standard servo cabling into Pixhawk servo rail
• A standard 12V servo connector output for powering FPV devices
• Oversized double redundant parallel battery inputs (solder through pads, for 10 or 12AWG wires)
• Modular design separating the Power functions and the distribution function in two boards : allows to retrofit any drone already assembled with an existing Power Distribution Board (PDB). Stackable optional AirbotPDB distributionBoard, via XT150 connectors (less than 3cm height with stacked optional PDB)
• Large XT150 heavy duty connectors solder pads to either stack AirbotPDB or to link to an existing PDB. Flexibility to connect to PDB via connectors or soldered cables.
• Overcurrent, ESD and shorts protections on all three BECs
• No messy wiring & no cable fiddling thanks to a 6-pin DF13 output connector to connect the board to Pixhawk’s 6-pin power port.
• Board dimensions (W x D) : 50 x 50 mm. A very compact format using standard 45x45 mm screw holes spacing (M3)
• Made in EUROPE, Proven Arsov design
• Lightweight and clean surface mount design: 21 grams

By the way, if could support (or even take over) production and reselling the board, I would gladly share 50% of the margin back to (to support developers). Indeed, at the moment these boards can only be manufactured by myself, as a one man show, in very small quantity. Furthermore, that would help develop a second version should also be developed to provide the same JST GH connectors as Pixhawk2. I do not have the funds for investing in the development costs of a new versions. So anyone who could help with anything is welcome to contact me.



Looks great! Why don’t you see if HobbyKing/Hextronix would be willing to produce these and kick back to you/arduplane…

thx for the suggestion. You know who to contact @Hextronic ?

I do have some inside contact info if that doesn’t work for you. Let me know…

Thank you for the link