Airboat support

Has anyone built an airboat platform with differential thrust of two external motors and props?
I am looking to build a mapping boat to map the floor of salt pools so no underwater thruster would survive there

I replied in the other thread.

That has been done. As I recall steering authority was poor. Fixed motor(s)/prop(s) and a rudder in the water may be a better choice. Some detail here:

Maybe consider an Omnirover configuration with 4 motors/props. This was very cleverly done with a quadcopter like setup assembled to a platform with wheels/casters as an experiment.

Picture Sebastian’s setup on some kind of boat hull:

How salty? Have you consulted with Blue Robotics regarding their thrusters? Like Dave said a boat with a prop and rudders with Ackerman steering may be better.

I would use a twin hull/catamaran/ponton boat for a omni setup with air props. A mono hull will roll to much with sideways thrust above the waterline.

Over 34% salinity. I will consult with Blue Robotics

Any links to where I can buy such hull/catamaran/ponton boat?

I can know of one that I can probably find. I think it was about $7500 for bare bones and $13000 with something running Ardupilot. Totally ridiculous but low production.

This is them.

How large does the boat need to be?

I would say 1 meter long… it will be similar to rmackay9 boogie board boat but more “industrial” robust with catamaran configuration and probably air prop and rudder. I will initially use the Echologger ECT400 echosounder.