Air speed not functioning

Air Speed indicator on the left hand side of the HUD is not functioning.
This is in Mission Planner Build 1.1.6269.37139

I don’t see the issue? you are bellow 1m/s

I am rising at the rate of 22m/s
The indicator on the left is not showing the rate of climb.
Stayed 0 throughout the entire flight.

I have a recording from October '15 that reflects the rate of climb and descent.
Screen grab from that:

I am not sure what Mission Planner version was back then.

it is not meant to show vertical speed. and was not designed to show vertical speed. the blue bar on the right does show vertical speed, but max’s at 6 units/sec

I wish I still had tracking for the other flight to confirm I went straight up on that flight as well.
But that was the time of my hobby where I would examine the logs and discard…unlike the record keeping I do now.