Aion Robotics R1 Rover - Encoder technicals

Hi All -

I have an R1 rover kit from Aion - and i am trying to setup the encoders. I have reached out to Nick at Aion several times, and have gotten no response, as it seems the store may be shut down? No phone pick up as well.

If anyone has any technical info on the encoders that come with the rover kit, I would be eternally grateful. We are looking for encoder type, ticks/meter, equation for the encoder and any other info available. If anyone has any advice on how to set this up without the technicals, please do let me know.

Thanks in advance everyone!

@rmackay9, I know you have some experience with AION. Have they ceased operations?

Try a post in the Rover Discord channel for “@jmachuca

Sorry - I am not sure how to access discord, would anyone on this forum be available to assist? @jmachuca would be awesome if you had some feedback.

What information are you looking for? This should show you how to connect the encoders:

I believe the ticks and stuff are already setup on the AION parameter file. I don’t have it handy at the moment.