Ainstein US-D1 Radar for obstacle avoidance

Ainstein US-D1 Radar can be use for the obstacle avoidance function by bendy rular algorithm?

I have gone through the documents but it says it can use for the altimeter which down facing set-up.
But i want it to be use as a front obstacle avoidance sensor for the copter.

Why I don’t prepare other lidar is they are higher impact by light ,temperature and also weather sensitivity which may cause wrong reading.
Here radars are good to go with reliable setup .
Please kindly your suggestion are welcome.

Altimeter radars will usually show the strongest return, not the closest, so it could be problematic using it for avoidance if there is a very small object in front of something like a large metal object it might get ignored.

but other proximity sensors are temperature and weather impact on there performance. this sensor has the horizontal FOV of nearly 40 degree i think that enough for the front obstacles to avoid …
i have seen one Chinese Autopilot use this sensor has front obstacles sensor successfully.

There are specific radars for avoidance that give a list of targets closest to farthest instead of only the strongest return. Support for them is a work in progress and is probaly a month or 2 away from public testing.

You can use an altimeter for avoidace but as i said it will only show the strongest return so it will probably detect a tree but miss the branches infront of it because they have a much weaker return than the tree behind it.

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that’s great news @geofrancis .can you specify the name of the Radar if you know?

yes well understood and thank you for your valuable suggestions.