Ailerons Calibration

Hello all,

I am having problems making the ailerons behave the way its supposed to. I am flying the skywalker X5 (has two ailerons and no elevator). When I push the control stick on the RC controller to one direction sideways, BOTH ailerons should move (one up, one down). However, only one moves up or down. To move the other aileron, I have to move the control stick vertically. Thus for a proper turn, I need to move the stick diagnally.

The questions is, how can I calibrate the ailerons such that they behave the way they┬┤re supposed to (sideway movement equals both aileron moving).

Thanks in advance,

Have you followed these ArduPlane Wiki instructions for setup Elevons
I have setup my RMRC Mako Flying Wing using those Wiki instructions and the Elevons work quite well.