Aileron worked on FBWA with no input

Dear all,

There was something like this on my friend’s plane.

When the plane was going straight on FBWA, it tilted to the left.
A few seconds after putting the aileron to the right, the aircraft returned to level.

Looking at the log, the aileron had the output on the left as shown in the figure.

Have you ever encountered such a phenomenon?

You encountered a stall.

Looking at your log the plane seems to be very badly trimmed.
As shown here the Pitch PID integrator (PIDP.I) maxes out at 30 degrees.

The roll integrator seems to be off as wel. My guess you have never flown this plane in MANUAL mode.
My hint: Make the plane flying manually first.

Good luck!!

You could also use one of the SERVO_AUTO_TRIM feature to help, but the elevator seems to be very out of trim.

Dear sascha,
Thank you for your replay.

My friend says that he changed FBWA to manula whren the plane
when it behaves strangely.

I’ll tell him to chek trim.

Thank you.

Dear Charlie,

OK, I’ll tell my friend to test SERVO_AUTO_TRIM.

Thank you.