Aileron deflection suddenly become smaller on FBWA

My Volantex Ranger 757-3 is running Arduplane V4.1.7 without problem for the whole summer under last week when I flew in FBWA as usual, I need a much bigger circle to bring the plane back over the club’s boundary. After landing, I found out the aileron deflection is smaller than usual. Looking at the basic tuning page, I found out the roll param are the same as the values after auto tune.

The only thing I recently did was to install the flap servos. There was no problem in the first 2 flights after installing flaps. The above happened at the 3rd flight after installing flaps and I did not activate the flaps during this flight. And I believe installing or activating flaps will not decrease the aileron deflection in FBWA.

Please help to diagnose the attached DF log and param to see what the problem may be.

In the ATT param of the attached DF log, the Des Roll and Roll are out by quite a lot, compared to what I saw previously after autotune.
Thank you.

I wonder if there’s actually a pitch problem, The plane seems to be struggling to reach it’s desired pitch and I wonder if the plane is limiting bank angle to prevent stall. For most of the flight the plane was reaching the desired roll so I don’t think it’s a setting issue.

Verify the C of G is correct. Also check that the flaps haven’t somehow impacted the ailerons.

I don’t see any settings to indicate the flaps are working. Can you post a log from the previous flights for comparison?

Thank you for your analysis. Attached are the links to the logs in various stages.

At the time when the plane banks too small, I was flying at level, not pitching up or down. Between this last flight (small aileron deflection) and previous flights, I am sure I did not change any setting. C of G was checked, as usual, before take off. The flaps physically do not interfere with the ailerons. And the flaps servos are connected directly to the receiver, not via FC, so you may not see flap setting from the log. Is this direct connection of flap servos to receiver correct ?
Thank you for your help.