AHRS_Trim_? Params

I am building a large flying wing, and due to the way my pixhawk is mounted I need to use a lot of AHRS_TRIM_X to level out the HUD for level flight (needs a slight nose up at 7~ degrees)

I am at nearly .345 (which is outside the acceptable range of .1745)… Is there any issues with running such a high AHRS_TRIM? Should I rework the pixhawk mount?

Those numbers are in radians. The range is +/- 10 degrees. 7 degrees is 0.1222 radians.

Are you sure it’s level upon power up?


Whoops, missed a 1, should read ~17 degrees up, which comes out to nearly .340 radians… Where my pixhawk is mounted it is slightly nose high, and the plane likes to fly with a nose up attitude… I was thinking about just leveling the pixhawk physically and remove the offsets…

I think leveling it physically would be the best option. The trims are meant for small angles