My log showed multiple errors (Err. EKF_PRIMARY-1)(Err. EKF_PRIMARY-0) so I decided that I would disable the EK2 filter to diagnose. First I tried to change AHRS_EKF_TYPE from 2 to 1, but it would not change. I can set it either to 0 or 2. Is this right?

Hexacopter, Pixhawk, Copter 3.4.6

Turning off the system that detects and reports errors is not actually going to fix the errors. Kind of like taking the battery out of your smoke detector doesn’t mean dinner isn’t burnt.

If I remember well you cannot disable EKF with Copter firmware.

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The docs say you cannot disable EKF but they show you are supposed to be able to disable EK2 or EKF(1). Also the disable option is supposed to be =0, but the option that I am unable to set is =1. I was hoping to get clarification of the settings because it is behaving as if =1 and =0 are reversed.

Hi John,

EKF1 was removed from the build in Pixhawk due to space constraints, so that is why you can’t set it to 1. Like was said before, you always need to be using EKF in Copter, so setting to 0 will use the default EKF (which is EKF2).

Also in arduplane v3.7.1? If EKF_ENABLE = 1, EK2_ENABLE = 0, and AHRS_EKF_TYPE = 2, whats runing inside?

Answered in Arduplane v3.7.1? If EKF_ENABLE = 1, EK2_ENABLE = 0, and AHRS_EKF_TYPE = 2, whats running inside?

For now I have gone back to AC 3.3. It has solved all of my altitude problems. When I examine the logs of AC 3.4 I am consistently getting EKF errors switching from 2 to 1 to 0. Is pixhawk no longer being supported going forward?

Pixhawk is not only supported as still is the most used board running ArduPilot.

If you have problems you should try to diagnose them, post about it here in the forum together with a log. You posted about changing back to EKF for whatever reason which isn’t possible (by the way, EKF has now been completely removed from code in master and 3.5), but as far as I see you didn’t post about any actual problem.

The EKF is detecting and reporting position and position sensor problems. Turning off the EKF, or switching to an old version that doesn’t have it, is not going to solve the problem. As an example, that would be like taking the battery out of a smoke alarm and concluding the house is no longer on fire because it isn’t beeping anymore.

If something is causing the EKF to report errors, you need to diagnose the cause of those errors.