Ahead of CG?

Working on putting a 2.5 into a HK Skywalker. It needs a lot of nose weight, or to have the electronics as far forward as possible. This will put the 2.5 module about 5 inches in front of the CG.

Is this acceptable, I read in the wiki that it should be as close as possible to the CG, which is actually solid foam on this aircraft, couldn’t put anything there even if I wanted.

What can be done is by mounting further forward, the speed control and servos would be in about the same area, and that area could be shielded with some foil and a bulkhead if need be, but, the battery and the transmitters (2) and other electronics need to fit up front in the nose, along with the camera way out front in the nose cone.

I guess I just don’t understand which item will cause interference with another. Will be using 2.4, 5.8, and 900 mhz onboard. Goal is FPV/goggles flight with ability to stabilize and to RTL.

It will be fine that far forward, just try not to have the battery able to move and knock it for six in a crash.

I would position all the FPV gear out on the wing or tail.