Agricultural Implementations?

Now, this has been seen/done recently for an in field implementation (reference here), and myself as an AG GPS technician would love to see if we can create long range auotnomous systems. Starting slow with either full implementation or hybrid cabling into my technology (uses the NMEA from my GPS receiver, tying into my PWM valving, companion computer, etc). Any feedback would be appreciated.

We already have operator present autopilot with full in field turning on our top models. this would be more “to position” and override to keep within a determined boundary. We are capable of either running submeter or sub-inch horizontal positioning, and have controllers with either roll and yaw or pitch, roll and yaw. and we either have proprietary CAN moniotrs or a new Android based modular Tablet interface. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Its not clear from your post what your trying to do exactly? I believe from your description you want to have the ardupilot drive a vehicle (harvestor/tractor) autonomously? This has already been done. See here:

Having ardupilot operate a full sized vehicle isn’t that difficult. The tricky part is the mechanical engineering interface between the vehicles controls (steering/throttle) and ArduPilot’s interface i.e. PWM (this is the most common and I think what you have from your post), SBUS or CAN. If you can interface via CAN simply by plugging into the BUS that could make this process easier.
Once you have that interface working then its just a matter of vehicle tuning via the parameters including PID controllers.
And the other biggie is safety of course. Full size vehicles require full size respect.
Thanks, Grant.

Could you share how to reach submeter or sub-inch horizontal positioning ?

We use Real Time Kinematic Correction either via cellular or ground based correction. We can run correction from anywhere up to 8 inch (Wide Area Augmentation SBAS) down to sub inch depending on the correction source. Basically, we would be using the correction out of an agricultural GPS system. If you are curious, see if there are any CORS or VRS networks around. This way, you can use a simple modem to integrate cellular RTK either via CAN or RS-232 on a broad range aspect. Something like these are what we are using

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll take a look at it.

We have been working with Matt who made the autonomous grain cart to basically develop a v2 of his system and if you are interested in contributing let me know, always open to ideas on how to make it work best.

Colin, apologies on delay. Busy time of year. If needing to get in contact with me direct please find my information here