Agressiveness of turns in auto mode


I’m using fc Matek H743-Wing with Arduplane 4.1. My plane is a Binary from Sonic Modell. This is a small foamy plane with wingspan about 1200mm (47.24").

According to documentation, parameter NAVL1_PERIOD “is the primary control for agressiveness of turns in auto mode.”. I decreased this parameter several times from 20 to 8 and my turn in auto mode is still very large/long (maybe about 100 meters for a 180 degree turn). I also set parameter LIM_ROLL_CD to 5700 (57 degres).

I would like that the plane do more aggressive turn in auto mode.

Did I miss something?

P.S.: I’m attaching my parameters file if it could help
binary-2021-08-04.param (20.3 KB)

Thanks in advance.

Guylain Plante

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The PIDs are most likely too low, (I am on vacation and can’t check your log, but try autotune.

Ok I will redo autotune with a higher level (level 8) to see if it helps.


It’s not necessary higher aggressiness that is needed.
Just do more left-right turns, ultimately, the loged roll rate should correspond to the settings.