Aggressive drone moves which cause that it fell down


I’m experiencing an issue where my drone is making aggressive movements, causing it to fall down. How can I stabilize my drone and perform an autotune?

Thank you for your help.

First by posting a link to a .bin flight log downloaded from the Flight Controller. Upload it to a cloud service (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc) and post the link here. A description of the craft’s components is useful also.

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How can I get it file?

Connect the Flight Controller to Mission Planner. Go to the Dataflash Logs Tab under the HUD and press the “download dataflash logs via mavlink” button and select one (1) log where what you are describing was witnessed.
Downloading logs

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Here it is.

OK, so a ~10" propped craft on 3S power with the Initial Parameter Setup complete. A good start. There is Pitch and Roll Oscillation so start with setting these:

Your vibration levels are a bit high which makes getting a good tune more difficult. But in any case make these changes and make another Flight in AltHold for a minute or so. The next step is to configure the dynamic notch filter.
And generally Dshot600 performs the best so change to that MOT_PWM_TYPE,6
And it doesn’t look like you have set the Motor Ranges. Wiki here Setting Motor Range

And you should have ESC Telemetry connected for Motor RPM data for the notch filter.


Thanks for help. This is our prototype, becouse me and my friends are building buch bigger drone ( 15 55props 1270mm frame 12kg drone ) for a invention competition and if u can tell us ( or give us link to sth ) how to read the logs and what to do with them ,we are gonna be thankfull. Of course if You will have some time. Anyway thank you for your help again.

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You can view the parameters in Mission Planners Full Parameter list but as far as interpreting them
a book could be written about it. The Wiki Tuning guides are where you should start and then if there is something you don’t understand ask.