After upgrading the aircraft version (above 4.4.0), the parameters of mnt cannot be found

In the past, using firmware version 4.3, it was very convenient to open and debug mnt. Just set mnt1_type = 1 to enable it. But after upgrading to 4.4 and 4.5, the option to enable mnt cannot be found in the parameter table.

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Well, I’ve figured out what’s going on since I use a MATEK F405 WING. Therefore, after version 4.4, due to insufficient flash, the gimbal part was deleted, so it cannot be found in the parameter table:)

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I tried compiling, deleting a Q section and adding a gimbal. Obviously the compilation failed。

thanks for letting us know, this PR should fix it:

note that you can de-select the Xactti driver to work around the issue: