After update firmware from 4.1.7 the servo output of channel 11-14 stop to send PWM

Hi Friends,

My Vtol (tilt front motors) has the tilt servos in servo channels #11 and #12. After upgrading the firmware from version 4.1.7 to 4.2 (and after to 4.3.2) channels #11 and #12 didn’t show any PWM signal. The MissionPlanner output servo panel only shows signal between channels 1#-10#. Channel #11 and #12 has the parameter SERVO11_FUNCTION=75 and SERVO12_FUNCTION=76, so the channel shows the label TiltMotorFrontLeft and TiltMotorFrontRight but any signal.
Note: The Flight Controller is a BlackCube, the power source servo is to channel #14.

thank for your comments

What channels are the motors on? And are the motors on PWM or Dshot/BLHeli?

Hi Allister,

The motors are in channel #5,6,7 and 8. Working good. They are PWM…

When you boot the controller watch the messages. What does it say for RCOut:?

Yes, I checked it, said RCout: 14 PWM. But the Servo Output panel only shows signals for the first 10 channels.