After takeoff,copter drift to southeast and cannot hold alt

First post,hello everyone,my quad copter drifted to southeast slowly…(flied indoor,already finished adjustment of compass1,2),at the same time,it flied a while but when I held the throttle in stablize mode,copter always vibrated on Z axis also cannot hold altitude.Here is my log file.My drone is pixhawk 2.4(firmware v3.4.3px4fmu-v2),with external m8n GPS(not use),only onboard internal compass was used.2 (475.1 KB)

First of all, update to ArduCopter v 4.0.7. Then try to remove the Z vibrations, then use the notch filter to remove the rest of them.

Thanks a lot bro!However I updated the firmware v4.0.7,my copter cannot disarm.I do not check all "basic tuning "—“arm check”,pixhawk probe is green led blinking,I also press the safty switch,RC transmitter is ok.

Did you follow all the setup instruction steps in the ArduCopter wiki?

Absolutly~,I follow all the steps.By the way,I reupload the early firmware( version v3.4.3),My copter can be arm :joy:~ and I update firmware 4.0.7 once again,it fails…On the other hand,I find that even I reupload or upload new firmware the recent configuration data(configuration of PID,Baudrate,EKF,etc) will be held in the pixhawk.Whether these data was saved in the onboard SDCard?I mean upload firmware to pixhawk that only does refresh the part of onboard data.

Pre-arm checks are a safety feature. Just because 3.4.3 does not complain about a problem, it does not mean the problem is not there.

Please update to 4.0.7 and stop downgrading. Just fix your issues, you did skip some setup step, and that is causing your issues.

That’s it!And I will retry the steps of ADJ.and excuse me,I also wanner to know that the latest version Mag1,Mag2… ADJ in MP were much differ from early MP version(like rotate copter and make red point cover white point…),I used to test the latest,but cannot pass~.How to deal with these step?

I forget a ProB :sweat_smile:Whether 4.0.7 firmware is compatible to pixhawk 2.4?

Yes. Pixhawk 2.4.x is one of the 80 different boards supported by ArduCopter 4.0.7.

Ok~and the upper question :sneezing_face: