After last waypoint flight mode is not changing into RTL, Keeping remains Auto mode

Hi everyone,

I am working on vision based precision landing.
Whenever flight mode is chaning into RTL, that time only precision landing start to work( I made it like that). But what is happening is after last way point still flight mode is not changing into RTL, instead its remains AUTO mode and its performing RTL. In this case precision landing is not triggering. Every time I have to do it manually.

Example: There are 8 nav way points, the 8th one is RTL. But after completing the 7th one its not changing into RTL. But it shoult change into RTL then only precion landing will be triggred.

Kinldly let me know.



It’s expected behaviour that the vehicle remains in Auto mode while executing a MAV_CMD_RETURN_TO_LAUNCH command. If the vehicle was actually switched out of Auto mode to RTL mode then the mission command processing would stop and DO_ commands or commands after the RTL command would not be executed.

Precision landing should work in Land, RTL and RTL-within-Auto. If precision landing is not working while the vehicle is in Auto mode then we can look into that but can you provide an onboard log (aka a .bin file)?

Hi thanks for the reply.
I will share you the log file.

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