AeroVTOL Sub-250g



The goal of this project is to design a aircraft with these features:

  • VTOL - Tailsitter
  • Autonomous
  • Sub 250g
  • FPV
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A dji drone? Arent they everything youre asking for?

I have not made myself clear, i am attempting to make a tailsitter, not a quad or a plane. Kind of like the xk x520 but autonomous.

Update 1

Proposed electronics:

Flywoo NIN 1404 v2 ultralight 4850kv X 2

Racestar 33A 2-4s X 2

Jumper T pro with TBS crossfire nano tx module

TBS crossfire sixty9

Matek f405 WMN

Matek m8q 5883

Gemfan Hurricane 4024 2 bladed

Emax ES925111 X 2

Caddx loris

FPV antenna
XILO axii sma

I am still designing the body of the aircraft, just thought settling the electronics first would make things a little easier.

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I feel like people that are on this forum are not interested in DJI. I myself have been flying DJI for many years and am here because I don’t want anything to do with them anymore.

Theres no denying that their equipment does alot for a small price, and its mass produced and seems to be well sorted. But yes they are like crApple and think they own their customers

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You’ll find little interest in DJI here because most everything they make is closed source. There are a few components that can be used in the ArduPilot ecosystem, but by and large, DJI hardware is useless here.

Yes its closed, but one can connect a fc running ardupilot to say a hd vista and get flight controller telemetry back to dji transmitter/goggles. I know it’s only the rc link and fpv system that are dji products, but still offer a reliable product

You missed the part where I said some hardware can be used.

It’s also expensive in addition to closed source, further alienating this community (particularly those interested in sub-250 builds!).

Your assumption is correct. I was validating it and providing some rationale.

From personal experience, I own a set of DJI goggles, and I do like the range and quality. But they mostly piss me off (frustrating updates, lack of config options, binding issues, CADDX drama). I would NEVER consider using DJI RC hardware for lack of configurability (and price).