Aerial surveying

Hi Arthur, Brandon, et al.,

First, I have a question regarding Droidplanner and Brandon’s post on DIYDrones ( … ial-survey):
Does Droidplanner set the CAM_TRIGG_DIST for all “Inner WPs”. This is missing in the listing in the post.

Then, after using Droidplanner 1.0.2 successfully on several auto missions with my copter (thanks a lot to everyone who contributed to Droidplanner and especially for Arthur for providing fixes within only a few hours!) I have some suggestions for future implementations. It would be great if:
-> the camera and survey settings are stored and automatically loaded when switching back into planning mode (especially flight altitude and overlaps),
-> the maps of the planning and flight data screens are synchronized and show the same extent when switching between them,
-> there would be an option to change the “Yaw behavior during mission (WP_YAW_BEHAVIOUR)”. For post processing/as well as visual inspection of the image set it would be good if the yaw is set fixed to the “Hatch angle” of the survey grid (i.e. from “Face next waypoint” or “Face along GPS course” to “Never change yaw”) once the copter is on its way between WP1 and WP2 (for sure this only makes sense for copters and I am not sure if this is possible at all during a mission), and if
-> WP_NAV_SPEED would be set automatically according to the survey/camera data if a minimum shooting interval [s] of the camera is provided by the user. Additionally, the user should be able to adjust it manually (especially lower the calculated speed).
Together, this would make survey planing perfect. However, it is clear that it should not get too complex. So maybe some options might be better placed into an advanced options section.


Thanks for the posting Thorsten.

CAM_TRIGG_DIST is not implemented yet.

Could you re-post the improvements at the following link as an issue:
That is a better place since all the developers will receive a notification.

About the improvements:
A new U.I. is beginning to be developed, and it will fix the U.I. issues you posted. But it will take probably about a month to have the first betas.
The other improvements will have to wait for a bit, because I’ll be focusing my time at the new U.I. . And they a bit more specific/advanced.

If you want to give a try on your own here is how to compile the source code:
We can help you thought any issues you have.

The discussion about this issue has moved to: … issues/325