Aerial photography camera orientation

Hi all!

Can’t find he answer in documentation so ask for help. MAVlink CAMERA_FEEDBACK message returns camera position and attitude for use with photogrammetry software, but how can I tell Arduplane the orientation of my camera? What parameters should I adjust to set my camera mount attitude? I don’t use Mission Planner geotagging feature so I can’t adjust it later.


To understand it better, what is your goal - to write the GPS coordinates into the EXIF info of the pictures or to set up a pipeline to process your pictures with Agisoft, pix4d etc.? Often the camera is deciding to write the portrait or landscape tag in the picture exif, so there is no need to know it by the Arduplane software. Photogrammetry software will figure out orientation anyhow, much better than the IMU.

Of course you’re right, photogrammetry software will figure out attitude most precise and this issue has no effecto on final result, but I see in processing report that I have large heading error on all images and it’s annoying, not more. Maybe right attitude may improve processing performance a little, but I’m really not sure. If it may be fixed with just one parameter, than I’d like to fix it.

Mission Planner has the option to set the camera orientation, on the flight planning page right click to give the options drop down, select auto WP, select survey grid, select the camera config tab from the options box at the right hand side of the flight planner page, there is an option to tick a box if you have the camara top facing forwards.

I think it is used to set overlap between lines during flight planning, but it is not written to the output log file.