Advice please on waypoint preloading

Hello my ardupilot friends,a wee question for you is it o/k to preload a mission onto my copter then disconnect and use it at the flying field,at present I take my laptop with me but dont really use it except to install a mission and if I can preload then im a happy camper,many thank’s in advance

As a matter of fact you probably already fly with a mission loaded on the copter, the last one you loaded and flew.
Unless you enter auto it doesn’t make any difference if mission is saved on board or not.

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Normally I load the mission with the PC at home and run it in the field, without using the PC in the field

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Thank you Gentlemen,im away to try that im happy

That worked awesome so am in your debt gents

Hi Alberto,
can you give me directions how to proceed to load a mission from pc to drone at home so as not to bring the pc with you.

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Hi Luciano,
in short … connect pixhawk and pc with usb cable, open Mission planner go to flight plan then click on the maps with mouse right button and select waypoint. After select All desired waypoints, just write on the pixhawk. The waypoints thus written remain stored in the FC and can be performed in auto mode. All the details are on the wiki here: Planning a Mission with Waypoints and Events — Copter documentation

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Just works a treat Alberto so so easy

yes it is really easy, but also very powerful!

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Tks Alberto for Infos.