Advice please is there any noticeable difference between Matek and HereFlow opti sensor

Hello fellow campers,as per the title is there any difference between the HereFlow and Matek optiflow sensors in performance all advice greatly wellcome

There’s probably few if anyone who has directly compared. They both use exactly the same sensors (flow and Lidar), but both have a microcontroller with their own code on it. Assuming both companies have competent engineers (they do), performance should be very similar.
Key difference is CAN vs MSP/serial, and I imagine that’s usually the determining factor. Serial ports are generally at a premium, and CAN is a more robust transport.
With both of them you’re best adding an additional, longer range, lidar.

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Thank you James,I will try the HereFlow first then as I have soft spot for Hex lol,im just got my 3 incher running with the notch filters,after auto tune will fit HereFlow and A Benewake Lunar Lidar and more testing really enjoying this,how is your 3 inch project coming on

I’m still waiting on a slow boat from China :frowning:

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