Advice on R/C Automation Project

I am interested in starting a project that involves automation and precise landing of a quadcopter. This will be my first drone build, and I am looking for some advice on hardware so I do not purchase the wrong materials, as I am trying to keep a tight budget (like so many broke college kids). The main objective will be for the drone to receive commands and hone on location completely via R/C. It must be able to start from rest and on command fly to a point emitting an R/C signal, land, and return to the user who is sending the commands via an R/C transmitter. Is this possible using the ArduPilot controller? I have seen videos where people have set a “come home” feature where their quadcopter will automatically return to their R/C transmitter, guided only by the radio signal. I need something similar to that, except it has to bounce between two different points emitting a signal. Any ideas or input is appreciated!